Mommy Makeover

mommy makeover jacksonville floridaA Mommy Makeover entails a combination of surgical procedures in one operation that is uniquely designed to reverse the impact of pregnancy, childbearing and age on a mother’s body, especially after multiple pregnancies. Based on your specific needs and desires, this special makeover usually focuses on two areas of the body that are almost always affected, the breasts and abdomen. By restoring the body’s shape and appearance, deflated or sagging breasts and loose or stretched skin can be transformed into a rejuvenated figure resulting in a flatter stomach, uplifted and fuller breasts and improved self-image and confidence.


Trust Dr. Duffy to provide you with a wide array of cosmetic surgery options, including breast augmentation and breast lift, body sculpting with liposuction, and tummy tuck in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra. These procedures, which can dramatically improve how you look and feel, are easier to fit into your schedule and your budget than you may think. Dr. Duffy personalizes your treatment using modern techniques to minimize pain and recovery time so that you get great results and can quickly return to your family and your life.


If you are interested in getting a Mommy Makeover , contact Dr. Duffy’s office in Jacksonville for more information. Look better and feel better about yourself with a Mommy Makeover.