Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

Inverted Nipple correction Jacksonville FlMany women have nipples that are enlarged or inverted intermittently or constantly. Although common, enlarged and inverted nipples are rarely discussed, as the condition is often a source of embarrassment and self consciousness. Enlarged nipples can be reduced in size and shape. As well, inverted nipples may be inverted to the same degree in both breasts; however there is usually some mild asymmetry with one inverted nipple that is more considerable than the other.


What Is Nipple Reduction?

Our genetic makeup means that each us have nipples of varying shapes and sizes. Some may be prominent, while others may be considered “too perky.” If you are embarrassed by the shape, size, or prominence of your nipples, you should consider a nipple reduction procedure to correct the issue.


Dr. Duffy performs nipple reduction procedures and is able to safely reduce the prominence, size, and shape of your nipples.


Nipple Reduction Benefits

Women who have undergone nipple reductions report the following benefits:


  • Enhanced proportion of their breasts to their body
  • Improved self-esteem and body image
  • Less socially awkward and self-conscious


Nipple Reduction Recovery

Most patients can resume normal activities within two days of their procedure. Any bruising can be expected to fade over the following days, and numbness will subside within one week. Any numbness or tingling experienced can be expected to diminish within six weeks of the procedure.


Would I Make A Good Candidate For Areola Reduction Surgery?

If your areolae are very large because of genetics, breastfeeding, or age, areola reduction surgery may be right for you.


Although nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure and virtually risk-free, you should know that once it is complete, there is no way to reverse it. The procedure can affect your ability to breast feed. For this reason, you should carefully consider whether you want the procedure performed. You should use your initial consultation with Dr. Duffy as an opportunity to have all of your questions and concerns fully addressed to your satisfaction.


Reasons to have areola reduction surgery:


  • Areolae that are overly large or out of proportion to breasts
  • Irregularity or asymmetry between nipples following breast surgery
  • Left and right nipple asymmetry


You should schedule a consultation with Dr. Duffy to determine if you would make a good candidate for nipple or areola reduction.


How Long Should I Expect The Results To Last?

The results of the procedure are permanent, but you should be aware that normal aging will take place after surgery, so your breasts may sag or droop over time.

Who is Inverted Nipple Correction For?


Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of inverted nipples may benefit from this corrective surgery with Dr. Duffy. Inversion of one or both nipples normally occurs during puberty, but may also arise due to breastfeeding, infection, or after a previous breast surgery.


Jacksonville fl nipple reconstruction surgeryIn addition to cosmetic concerns, inverted nipples can also cause difficulty with breastfeeding and may negatively impact sensation. If you still plan on breastfeeding after your surgery, please make sure to bring this up during your consultation with Dr. Duffy. There are some approaches to this surgery that can preserve the milk ducts and your ability to lactate, but Dr. Duffy may recommend waiting on surgery if he feels it is in your best interest.


The Inverted Nipple Repair Procedure


Dr. Duffy is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has years of experience performing breast enhancement procedures to achieve natural-looking outcomes. Inverted nipple repair is a minimally invasive surgery, but can be combined with other breast surgeries such as an augmentation or breast lift.


Nipple Correction Recovery and Results


The results of your procedure will be immediately noticeable, but you will need to wear protective devices for the first couple days after surgery to hold the nipple in place and assist with healing. Scarring should be minimal as the incisions used are quite small and well-hidden within the areola.


Patients who undergo inverted nipple repair with Dr. Duffy often feel more self-confident and comfortable with their appearance. The results of this surgery are often permanent and designed to appear completely natural.